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Art by Linda Montgomery

Our 2008 Holiday Card
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Our 2007 Holiday Card
Image: 2007 Holiday card
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Our 2006 Holiday Card

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A trip shirt design for the Boomer Babes' trip to Disneyland. 
If you're part of the group and want to order a replacement shirt, click here to go to the site.
A sketch of Scampi

A quick sketch of our cat Scampi sleeping on my lap.   April, 2004
Items with this picture are available for sale at my store.
Logo for

To buy merchandise with the Sugarcats logo I donated to their site, go to the Sugarcats Store. All profits go to support the sugarcats website.

Boomer Babes 2007 Trip Shirt Design
A Voice-Over Demo CD cover designed for a friend.

Our 2005 Holiday Card
Our 2005 holiday card
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Our 2003 Holiday Card
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Our 2003 Holiday Card
Our 2003 holiday card (above) shows a whimsical view our entire family. Click the picture to see it bigger. click here to see it with closeups of each character and our newsletter. 

Items with the cats from this picture are available for sale at my store.
Smith Family Reunion Logo
As President of our family association, the newsletter logo I drew turned into more.  Now family members can get t-shirts, mugs and other things to commemorate the annual reunion.

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